02 April 2008

Meeting on Saturday 19th April 2008

We are meeting for an Easter gathering at Helena Woddis' house in Weybridge on Saturday 19th April at 2.00pm.

The theme will be "Hinduism, a brief look", and we shall concentrate on a central Hindu text, the Bhagavad Gita.

In case you feel dubious about this subject, I quote Warren Hastings, Govenor General of Bengal and Head of the East India Company, writing home to the company Chairman in October 1784. He is commissioning a first translation from the Sanskrit into English, and explains what the Bhagavad Gita is and what it represents:

"Many passages may be found obscure, many will seem redundant; others will be cloathed with ornaments of fancy unsuited to our taste, and some elevated to a track of sublimity into which our habits of judgement will find it difficult to pursue them; but few which will shock either our religious faith or moral sentiments."

So you'll be alright! Read it if you can and please do come and meet up and have tea.

Contact helena.woddis@dsl.pipex.com telephone 07884 312 965